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We strive for total patient satisfaction and always welcome feedback, good or bad. Below is a selection of testimonials kindly provided by some of our patients.

After hav­ing had the last of my own teeth extracted and been fit­ted with full den­tures, Matthew sub­se­quently approached me with a view to hav­ing den­tal implants inserted in my lower jaw. Matthew painstak­ingly out­ined the treat­ment and drew up a staged plan and time scale required and dur­ing each of my many appoint­ments, every­thing was explained to me in full detail.

I feel that the course of treat­ment has been very worth­while, never hav­ing con­sid­ered it in the past and, last but not least, I can­not praise too highly the pro­fes­sion­al­ism and friend­li­ness of Matthew and the entire team at Lyn­d­hurst Den­tal Prac­tice who have, with­out excep­tion, always made me feel at ease.

Jim Bur­rows — Burn­ley, Lancashire

Now that my bridge fit­ting is com­pleted I would like to say how impressed I have been with your stan­dard of ser­vice through­out the treat­ment period. I espe­cially thank you for putting me at my ease and tak­ing my anx­i­eties into account. The den­tal implant pro­ce­dure itself was amazing...not a twinge of pain or sore­ness from start to fin­ish! And the trou­ble you have taken to get the right cos­metic appear­ance for the actual bridge fit­ting has been impec­ca­ble. I have been fully aware of your thought­ful approach and your fair cost­ings. Both aspects of your ser­vice have been much appre­ci­ated. I would also like to add that my good expe­ri­ence has been much enhanced by the friend­li­ness of your staff. They have been extremely help­ful and noth­ing has been too much 'thank you' to every­one I have spo­ken to at Lyn­d­hurst Den­tal Practice.

Julie Pat­ten — Kendal, Cumbria

In 1964 I had the mis­for­tune to suf­fer the loss of one of my upper incisors to tooth decay, and my Den­tist at the time sac­ri­ficed a fur­ther neigh­bour­ing incisor in order to con­struct a bridge. Dubi­ous as this deci­sion might now be, as more than likely the decayed tooth might have been saved, the bridge remained in place until 2010 when the sup­port­ing tooth dis­in­te­grated rather unexpectedly. I con­tacted my Den­tist , and I was seen within 24 hours by Dr. Lecia Jha­groo, who gave me emer­gency treat­ment, which left me in a good, but tem­po­rary state of repair. Within a mat­ter of days I was attend­ing an appoint­ment with Mr. Matthew Gor­mally who explained in detail the options avail­able, the effec­tive­ness, the risks, the stages, the length of treat­ment and of course the rel­a­tive costs involved. My choice was a Den­tal Implant, a some­what involved and lengthy treat­ment which was embarked upon within a few weeks. Although this meant a com­mit­ment to a few hours in the chair, there was a gap in the treat­ment because of a need to allow things to set­tle, before finally the implant and new bridge were installed. Through­out the whole treat­ment regime I felt com­mu­ni­ca­tion was excel­lent. I was fully appraised of each and every stage of the oper­a­tion, and felt con­fi­dent and at ease, by virtue of the care given. I found the Den­tal Sur­geon to be of the high­est order and his staff were exem­plary in every aspect. I am delighted with the results of my treat­ment and remain com­forted by the thor­ough nature of atten­tion I receive at the peri­odic check-ups.

Maureen Payne - Burnley, Lancashire

My wife and I have been patients of Dr Matthew Gor­mally and his wife Dr Lecia Jha­groo since Jan­u­ary 2007. We have always found Matthew, Lecia and all their staff extremely effi­cient, help­ful and the prac­tice offers a friendly and peace­ful envi­ron­ment for the patients well being. Dur­ing the years we have been patients, we have both had exten­sive treat­ments cov­er­ing Bridge fit­tings, Root Canal treat­ment, Crowns and Zoom Tooth whiten­ing. With­out excep­tion, Matthew has been totally pro­fes­sional in explain­ing each treat­ment and offer­ing his valu­able advice on any deci­sions to be made. All treat­ments have been car­ried out skill­fully and in com­pli­cated instances Matthew has always had the abil­ity to dis­pel any appre­hen­sions we may have had.We most sin­cerely offer our thanks to Matthew, Lecia and all the staff for their help and advice over the years. We feel very for­tu­nate to be patients at the Lyn­d­hurst Den­tal Practice.

J M & Y P Bren­nan – Higham, Burn­ley, Lancashire

Why I rec­om­mend Lyn­d­hurst den­tal prac­tice, Burn­ley...I would rec­om­mend Lecia to any­one who is ner­vous about den­tists or nee­dles, as I was. She has a very gen­tle, pain-free approach to treat­ment and I trust her com­pletely. I no longer fear vis­it­ing the dentist!

Laura Cat­low — Man­ches­ter, Lancashire

I have always been appre­hen­sive regard­ing den­tal treat­ment this may have been poor or need­less treat­ments when I was young. These expe­ri­ences have stayed with me through­out my life and even today. But the expe­ri­ences and treat­ment I have had at the Lyn­d­hurst den­tal have been excep­tion­able. The ini­tial con­tact at recep­tion is of the high­est stan­dard with pro­fes­sional yet com­fort­ing greet­ing expe­ri­ences with young very capa­ble staff. There is a very high pro­fes­sional stan­dard and work ethic through­out the whole prac­tice, and I have based this on my pro­fes­sional knowl­edge on cus­tomer care and work­ing prac­tices. The treat­ments I have expe­ri­enced over the years of being a patient have been to the high­est stan­dards. There is always a detailed expla­na­tion of treat­ment that is needed or that is being car­ried out at the time of the appoint­ment. The inter­ac­tions of all staff add greatly to the relax­ation of the patient to ease any anx­i­ety or dis­com­fort that may bring dis­com­fort to the patient which I have always found of great help to me per­son­ally. All my fam­ily are patients of this prac­tice and all are extremely happy with the treat­ments they have received. I can­not leave with­out say­ing I would like to thank Matthew, Lecia and all of the staff at this the Star of the Den­tal profession.

Alan Ander­ton MIMI, MIRTE — Burn­ley, Lancashire

I've been at this den­tal prac­tice for many years. I've always found the staff very help­ful, pro­fes­sional and friendly. I've had a num­ber of pro­ce­dures, includ­ing veneers, whiten­ing and fill­ings. All com­pleted with care and pain free. I've always found the after care to be excel­lent and very pro­fes­sional. I would have no hes­i­ta­tion in rec­om­mend­ing this den­tal prac­tice to friends and fam­ily which I have done and they have been impressed and very satisfied.

Debra Saun­der­son — Burn­ley, Lancashire

I felt com­pelled to write this let­ter fol­low­ing the recent com­ple­tion of treat­ment for three den­tal implants. The treat­ment itself was a lengthy process over a period of six months, but through­out the period I felt con­fi­dent in the knowl­edge that the end result would be well worth the wait. The in-depth infor­ma­tion given to me at every stage kept me informed and pre­pared for each aspect of the pro­ce­dure.On each of my vis­its to the den­tal surgery, both you and your staff treated me with dig­nity and respect. Your car­ing approach made the whole expe­ri­ence much more com­fort­able. I always felt well looked after and appre­ci­ate the kind­ness demon­strated by you all. The end result is truly amaz­ing. I now feel con­fi­dent when smil­ing in the knowl­edge that my front teeth are secure and that I can now lead a nor­mal life. Please accept my sin­cere appre­ci­a­tion for all your hard work and I wish you every suc­cess for the future, par­tic­u­larly with regard to this area of work, which is so valu­able and can help so many people.

Vicki Jack­son — Black­burn, Lancashire

I am very happy to say that I con­sider the level of care and qual­ity of treat­ment pro­vided by Lyn­d­hurst Den­tal Prac­tice to be first class.

Paul Haworth — Bolton, Lancashire

I have really enjoyed my treatment with Lyndhurst Dental Practice. I now have a beautiful smile which I thought was unachievable. The staff are all lovely and have treated me very well. I feel completely at ease in the modern, clean and friendly practice and would recommend it to anyone.

Katie Turner - Burnley, Lancashire

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